After being diagnosed with pre-diabetes, I knew I needed help changing my poor eating habits. I found that help with Pam Higgins and Total Health Counseling’s Premium Program. Six months later my blood sugar was under control. I had also lost eighteen pounds and  two dress sizes.  Amazing!

My journey to better health has been an enjoyable experience thanks to Pam’s knowledge and encouragement. Now I am choosing and preparing foods that are much better for me without feeling deprived. Pam has provided delicious recipes, health tips, and an exercise plan that fits my busy life. I don’t miss the soda and sweet tea that were adding unnecessary calories and no nutritional benefits.
With sincere concern for my well-being, Pam has taught me to take better care of myself. I consider her a teacher, counselor, and friend and highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to feel and look better.


“Pam introduced me to a recipe which I have incorporated into my daily fitness routine. It includes whole foods, nutritious greens, and muscle building proteinI love it! The shake fuels my tough weight workouts then provides much needed recovery nutrition after those workouts.”



I learned a lot about myself and the benefits of healthy eating. I’ve lost weight, I’m down 15 pounds! I’m cooking at home more, simple and tasty meals. I now know how to eat what’s best for me and my digestion is better because of it. I drink less coffee, yet I have more energy and I am exercising again.

My friends have complimented me about how great my skin looks and my weight loss – I feel great! My companion has also lost weight and is eating healthier with me.

I feel more energetic with each day.

Pam is an amazing coach and teacher!



“During the six month program with Pam of Total Health Counseling, I added new foods to my diet and became aware of the importance of eliminating processed foods from my diet. I learned how foods I ate affected my mental alertness, cravings, degree of fullness, and energy level.

At the age of 56, I am feeling younger with more energy and able to take on new fitness challenges. With increased confidence I have signed up for two sprint triathlons and other swimming and running events for the year. Through our discussions I was able to set realistic goals and develop a plan to achieve them. I have reduced my weight with a noticeable drop in blood pressure and cholesterol to the point which no longer require medication to keep them at safe levels.”

~ Ted


“Pam showed me it’s okay to tune in and focus on myself. It turned out to be the best way to get through a very stressful time in my life. I decided to concentrate on making my life better, being more positive, and reclaiming my spirituality. When I did that, others gravitated towards me and wanted to share in my radiant spirit. Pam also worked with me to determine the foods that would best support my body and mind.

I now understand the importance of self-care and strengthening one’s spirituality. I appreciate Pam’s way of guiding and reassuring me I was moving in the right direction.”

~Jackie (name changed upon Client request)