Are you stuck in the office sitting most of the day?

Do you reach for coffee or soda to get you thru the morning and again after lunch to get you thru the afternoon?

Do you succumb to the free donuts or cake in the break room and feel helpless against them?

How would you like to feel great all day, have more energy, and not fall into the donut trap everyday?

 Join me on Wednesday, April 11 at 7:30pm (est)

For A Special Teleclass

~How To Lose Those Corporate Pounds – Lose Weight On The J.O.B.~

My new teleclass will give you the tools to successfully lose weight while keeping your job and prevent unwanted weight gain. Learn the best strategies to snack smart, avoid the coffee, soda, vending machine pitfalls of the office and feel great all day long!


You will learn 5 major ways to increase energy, feel great, eat better, and have pep in your step!

BONUS handout: Tips to avoid weight gain at work and lose those stubborn pounds.

BONUS handout: Top 10 healthy snacks and a BONUS shopping list so you are prepared to get thru your work week with energizing snacks.

Your solution starts here!

Learn from me, an expert office professional and Certified Health Coach. I have 10+ years experience working in an office environment! I know what it’s like to face unlimited coffee, vending machines filled with junk food, and free donuts and cake in the break room daily. I have overcome these daily challenges and I will guide you to do the same. All you have to do is sign up for my Teleclass and you will learn how to lose weight on the J.O.B. once and for all.

What are the Benefits:

  • Strategies to avoid weight gain on the J.O.B.
  • Learn how to make healthy snacks and feel great
  • Tips you can put to work right away
  • Learn the pitfalls and how to overcome them
  • BONUS Tips Sheet
  • BONUS Top 10 healthy snacks list
  • FREE shopping list so you can be ready and prepared for the week
  • Conquer cravings without deprivation
  • Amp your energy levels
  • Feel great all day, no more energy roller coasters!!

Invest in your health, happiness, productivity, and creativity!!

This amazing offer is valued at over $87!

This Teleclass will be recorded and sent directly to you along with BONUS handouts.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: The first 10 people to register will receive a FREE 45-minute private session with me (Valued at $97)!!

Special pricing for this Teleclass, just $57!


By registering for this class you will also receive as a BONUS,
my monthly newsletter for more tips to support you with your weight loss!