Healthy Tips From Vitacost: Organic Shopping 101

We hear about Organic foods a lot these days and it can be confusing when to spend a little extra and what you are really getting for your hard earned cash. sent me an excellent guest post to share with you the 411 on how to decipher organics when you’re filling your cart to feed yourself and family. Thank you Vitacost!!

By: +Elizabeth Lotts writer for

The organic versus non-organic decision is still a cart-stopper in the grocery store. Which fruits are healthier when grown organically? Which vegetables? What about that box of crackers? Trying to pick the cream of the crop becomes a chore within a chore when you don’t know the ”why” and “what” factors. All you need is a quick, Organic Shopping 101 course to narrow the selection and get you to the check-out line in record time.

First, determine why you are shopping organic so your selection doesn’t feel so fruitless. If you need to justify (to yourself or your budget-conscious significant other) why you’re spending a little more on certain items, then consider these reasons:

  • Organic means farmers use no antibiotics and no growth hormones, grow produce within sanitary and spacious facilities and use the fewest conventional pesticides
  • No GMOs– organic foods are not genetically modified in any way
  • A smaller carbon footprint–organic farms use the most sustainable methods to promote biodiversity and a healthy eco-system
  • Cleaner water, soil and air–pesticides from conventional farming can intoxicate the water supply, wildlife and the atmosphere

If these reasons don’t inspire you to go organic for every single purchase, consider that it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing situation. Just keep in mind that certain conventional fruits and veggies are produced with a high number of pesticides– these, you should buy organic.


– Apples

– Any berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.)

– Nectarines

– Peaches

– Pears

– Cherries

– Grapes (imported variety)


– Leafy greens (spinach, kale, lettuce)

– Bell peppers

– Carrots

– Celery

Meat, eggs and dairy: The organic options ensure animals are provided healthy living conditions, organic feed and adequate treatment for injuries or illness. When buying organic in the refrigerated aisles, select “all of the above.”

Crackers, cookies, cereals, coffee and anything else in a box or bag: This is an open-ended question, which means you can pick and choose which of these are better organic based on your preferences of taste, brand, price and/or variety. The same rules apply, though: organic cereals must contain all organic ingredients. If your mixed berry granola claims it’s organic, then it was made with organic berries. (Hint: buy only as much as you need. Packaged goods usually find a place in the pantry for many months, but organic versions have a shorter shelf-life due to their lack of artificial preservatives.)

Your final exam: Make your shopping list and match the items on it with the groceries above. If you study the organic foods and brands you prefer, then you won’t second-guess yourself!

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Color Your Plate Healthy

How are you doing with your New Year’s resolution?

Every year millions of Americans make resolutions on January 1st. Many of them have something to do with improving health and wellness. But by February 1st a majority of those resolutions have gone right out the window.

Since 1980 the American Dietetic Associate has been providing a gentle springtime reminder by celebrating National Nutrition Month in March. Each year there is a theme to help us eat better and be healthier. This year’s theme is “Eat Right with Color.”

So how does it work?

Think back to your last meal. How many colors were on your plate? If you answered 4 or 5, then congrats! You are eating right with color.

If you answered 1 or 2, then let’s talk:

Mother Nature has a habit of putting lots of healthy vitamins and minerals into foods that grow in the dirt, but did you know she took the trouble to color-code them for our convenience?

  • green foods contain antioxidants and nutrients that promote healthy vision
  • orange and deep yellow foods also help promote healthy vision, plus they contain vitamins that boost your immune system
  • purple and blue foods contain antioxidants that provide anti-aging benefits, plus they help with memory, and urinary tract health
  • red foods are good for heart health, vision, and your immune system
  • some white, tan, and brown foods have nutrients that promote heart health
  • bonus: each of these colors also help reduce your risk of cancer!

Of course, these aren’t the only benefits to eating a more colorful, plant-based diet. These kinds of foods also provide a good source of fiber, a boost in mental function, and tons of other feel-good perks.

So load up those plates with color and let’s celebrate good nutrition all year long!

How are you going to eat more colors this month?

Article courtesy of Integrative Nutrition

Taste and Value Delivered Right to Your Door From Healthy World Organics

Do I enjoy Organic and local food and much as possible? Yes. Do I always have the time to run here, there, and everywhere to get it? No.

So I am very thankful for people like Caroline Brito, owner and operator of Healthy World Organics. I can have my Organic, mostly local fresh produce, beans, grains, spices, teas, honey, and nuts delivered right to my door without breaking my weekly food budget.

Below is a gorgeous and colorful spread of a recent delivery which includes kale, beets, rainbow carrots, celery, garnet yams, Florida navels, pinto beans, dates, and red quinoa. All healthy, all organic! Healthy World Organic prices are ultra competitive, often lower than the competition, nominal delivery fee, which helps me save on gas, all delivered to my front door. Convenience and savings, excellent!!

Delivery area is currently Broward and Palm Beach Counties. You can contact Caroline to make a request if your area is not currently covered. You can also find Healthy World Organics at the Boca Raton Green Market and Parkland Green Markets running October thru May yearly.

HWO Delivery

Get your local produce at Delray Beach Green Market

It was a beautiful morning this past Saturday and the perfect weather to stroll through the open air green market in Delray Beach! There are so many wonderful local vendors selling fresh and delicious fruit, vegetables, eggs, seafood, meats, flowers, pasta/sauces, breads, guacamole, even pet treats!

I’m a sucker for fresh produce so I headed over to Thomas Produce stand first and picked up bananas, cucumbers, Florida navel oranges, and sweet potatoes. Everything was very fresh and I especially liked the cucumbers because they did not have the typical wax coating you see on grocery store cucumbers. I cut those up in spears to use for dipping in hummus. Thomas Produce is located at Glades and 441, how’s that for local!

Next stop was Harvest Time market that was selling lovely strawberries grown locally at their Lake Worth farm. I was excited to see their sign that advertised U-Pick Strawberries, yum! I’ll be making a special trip there during season which is November thru May.

Green Market season across Palm Beach county is October – May. Be sure to visit your local vendors and purchase their special offerings. It’s a great way to meet the people who are providing your local produce and unique foods and crafts. Talk to them and show your appreciation by purchasing their products.