Skip resolutions and do this instead

NYE photo 12-31-2014

Photo credit: Katie Kaleita Higgins (Heman and I at New Year’s Eve dinner)

New Year’s brings about so much anticipation about going all out to be our super perfect best self and no less will do (oh the pressure!). We get overwhelmed in an instant and then it’s tough to want to step forward and take action.


It doesn’t have to be this way.


Focus on making one small positive step a day. Here’s a few small steps you can take. Choose one or two daily. I hope this inspires you to make up some of your own.


One positive step a day to better health:

1. Drink water with lemon first thing in the morning to hydrate and give your body a natural energy boost. I use fresh squeezed lemons or lemon essential oil, must be Therapeutic Grade so it’s safe to consume, I use doTERRA.

2. Have a piece of fruit or sliced veggies as a snack instead of a candy bar.

3. Make a healthy dinner. Keep it simple. Baked fish and a healthy salad. Try my recipe:

4. Exercise first thing in the morning before getting ready for work. Create a workout schedule at the beginning of each week, pencil in that weight-lifting session or spin class, then get up and go in the morning.

5. Be good to you. Take that 5 minute break when you know you really need. Ask for a hug when you need to feel loved.


I am all about creating goals that are specific and measurable instead of resolutions which are usually vague and unrealistic. I encourage you to start simple then expand by writing down your short and long term goals. For professional support in reaching your health and wellness goals, contact me at


Wishing you abundant Health & Happiness in the New Year!



Setting Intentions in the New Year

Every New Year it seems like everyone sets New Year’s Resolutions. For many people it means setting unrealistic expectations then dropping them a few weeks later (like losing 10 pounds, never eating dessert again). I thought about how I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions in years past. I felt discouraged about the way resolutions made me feel when I couldn’t stick with them.

After working on my own personal growth this year, I decided that I would set intentions for the new year. I feel like setting intentions puts a focus on the positive. Resolutions seems like they are expectations to fix something that is broken or wrong.

Setting an intention means to decide you’re going to make a conscientious effort to do something, setting a goal. Resolution is more the act of fixing something that is not working.


My intentions for the New Year:

I intend to add more play and fun into my life.

I intend to feed myself healthy foods that nourish my body.

I intend to feel better in my body and add more movement daily.

I intend to allow quiet time daily.

I intend to give myself enough rest and relaxation time.

I intend to spend less time online attached to my computer and cell phone.

I intend to enjoy my family and friends with more quality time and adventures.

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I hope this inspires you to set your intentions for your life at the beginning of this year. You can of course set new intentions all of the time, I’m sure I will too along with way!

What intentions are you setting for yourself and your life?

Please share in the comments below.

XO, Pam