Eating Healthy When You’re Busy

Healthy eating can seem like a big challenge when you are super busy. Check out these practical tips from my friend and guest post contributor, Stu Lieberman. Thanks Stu!

When you’re constantly on the go and mealtimes are a series of take-outs and drive-thru’s, eating healthy can be a challenge. But just because your life is hectic doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your health. Here are some simple steps you can take to eat healthier, even when your life is crazy busy.

1. Eat Breakfast. No, not just coffee. Eat something that will keep you satisfied until lunch so that you don’t run out at noon starving and overeat. A morning meal of eggs and fruit can be a smart choice and quick to prepare. Plus, when you start your morning with a healthy breakfast, you’re more likely to make healthful choices throughout the rest of the day.

2. Pack Your Own Lunch. Packing your lunch does require some planning, but it can pay off big with less calories consumed, and fewer dollars spent. Set aside about 10 minutes on the weekend and pack lunches for the coming week. Sandwiches with lean meat on whole grain bread are quick and easy to prepare. Throw in a fruit and some veggies, and you’ve got a good, balanced, nutritious meal.

3. Cut up Veggies and Fruits and Store in Single-Serving Containers. How often have you purchased some fruit or vegetables at the store, only to have them go bad in your fridge because you never got around to eating them? When healthy food choices are readily available to you, you’re more likely to grab them. So, the next time you go to the grocery store, cut up those fruits and veggies and put them in single-serving containers as soon as you get home. That way when you want a quick snack, a healthy option is right there waiting for you.

4. When Eating Out, View Menus Online and Order First. It’s hard to avoid eating out. When you have plans to visit a restaurant, look at the restaurant’s menu online and select something that is healthy and nutritious. And, when you get to the restaurant, order first so that you aren’t tempted by what your dining companions are ordering.

5. Don’t Drink Your Calories. Calories from beverages, particularly alcohol, can quickly add up. Try to limit alcohol consumption to one or two drinks per week. And, quench your thirst with clean, refreshing, calorie-free water. If plain water bores you, try seltzer water. Mix in some fruit or fruit juice to spice it up a little.

6. Brush Your Teeth After Meals. Brushing will not only help to keep your teeth healthy and your breath fresh. When you’re teeth are newly-brushed, you’re less likely to give into quick temptations that may surround you.

Lack of time doesn’t have to mean unhealthy eating. With a little preparation, and determination, you can make healthy eating work, even with a hectic life.

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Big Success: Vegan Night At Mellow Mushroom

Vegan night at Mellow Mushroom was held tonight in Downtown Delray Beach. Those who eat vegan or those curious about vegan eating came by to sample delicious vegan eats made fresh at Mellow Mushroom. Guest speakers, Health Coach Pam Higgins (yours truly), and Vegan Triathlete and Trainer Richard Wygand were present to speak about the benefits of eating vegan, answers questions and speak with customers.

Here’s a little of what I covered:

When going vegan, focus on eating more plants. I say this because many people start out by eating more carbohydrates and processed vegan proteins. By eating more plants including leafy greens, the rainbow of colors in produce, and root vegetables, you get a wide variety of nutrients.

A few of my favorite vegan foods are avocado, kale, sweet potato, sprouted quinoa, lentils, and pumpkin seeds. You don’t have to be vegan to eat this way, I eat these foods all of the time and many of my readers already know that I’m not vegan, but I do enjoy lots of vegan meals every week.

Remember that food is not a religion, it’s about eating what foods work best for your own body. Know that may change from time to time as well. If you are looking to figure out what foods work best for your body, contact me for a free 15-min strategy session. I work with clients who want to feed their body food that tastes amazing and works well for their bodies to achieve optimal health.

Some benefits of going vegan are:

  • lower cholesterol,
  • good for the environment,
  • good for your heart, lower heart disease rates,
  • great for cancer prevention, has also reversed cancer in many people,
  • less toxic load on your body,
  • get glowing skin,
  • more energy

Photos courtesy of BlueIvy Communications


Here I am chatting with customers about healthy vegan options, benefits of eating more plant based meals, and best ways to meet protein needs.


Hungry customers happily enjoy vegan samples made fresh at Mellow Mushroom!


Photo with Mellow Mushroom owners The Platt Family!

Pictured with Rich Wygand of RW Training (second from the left).


Hummus with veggies (one of my favorite vegan apps at Mellow Mushroom)


At home with a gluten free veg-out pizza compliments of Mellow Mushroom.


Stop in at Mellow Mushroom for great food and delicious vegan options plus gluten free too!!

One of my favorite local places to grab a slice and a drink.

My top picks for vegan meals at Mellow Mushroom:

  1. Gluten free veg-out pizza
  2. hummus with veggie sticks
  3. Make your own salad with tempeh, salad greens, broccoli, avocado, and dried cherries
  4. Stuffed portobello mushroom (minus the cheese)

Mellow Mushroom

25 SE 6th Ave

Delray Beach, FL 33483


Event made possible by Melissa Perlman of BlueIvy Communications!

How My Dog Cooled Off in This Summer Heat!

calioutside (495x640)

This is my dog Cali, if you follow me on Facebook, you’ll see that I capture photos of her often. What can I say, she’s my baby girl. So cute and friendly!

This weekend she woke me up at 6am, my furry alarm clock :)

Being a busy working women, wife, and furmom, I’m often on the go. The other day, I had to drop Cali off at the vet for a checkup and I brought a healthy smoothie with me. Nothing complicated and I even made it the night before. Remember being busy means you have to take time to pre-prep your food.

My tips for pre-prepping food are:

  • Make your Smoothie the night before (like I did when I had to take Cali to the vet)
  • Make fresh Salads and put them in BPA free or glass Pyrex containers in the fridge so when preparing your lunch the next day – it will only take 5 minutes
  • Pre-make your protein on Sunday (animal or non-animal based meals such as chicken, beef, fish, a bean stew or a nice tofu or tempeh dish)
  • Make sure you have prepared your snacks for the week. Having snacks ready to go and keeping them in your car, in your bag or at works will keep you from eating junk.

Snacking can be delicious and it does not have to cost $4.00. Do you ever notice that every bar at Whole Foods (healthy or not healthy costs about $4.00)?

When I’m out and about for hours on end, I like to bring a snack. Instead of grabbing a Larabar or Think Thin bar, I have my trusty protein balls on hand. These babies are handy to stash in my purse and give me extra energy when I’m on the go. They are nut free, since as you know, I don’t tolerate nuts very well. I’m a sensitive foodie!

So here’s my secret weapon when I’m out and about and need some delicious fuel.

Berries and Protein Balls - picmonkey


¾ cup pumpkin seeds

2 Tablespoon flax meal or ground chia seeds

2 Tablespoons coconut oil

2 Tablespoon raw honey

2 Tablespoons dried goji berries

¼ cup coconut flakes, optional

Combine all ingredients (except for coconut flakes) in a food processor. Use a tablespoon to scoop out batter then form into balls, you can use 2 tablespoons if you like and form balls about the size of a golf ball. Tip: wet hands with water then press balls and roll to form in a ball so they stay together. Optionally, roll each ball in the coconut flakes until coated and refrigerate until chilled.

Enjoy on the go or with a bowl of fresh berries to supercharge your day!

If you wanna learn the exact way I survive my busy day, even the days when I have to be on-the-go every second, then click here and you can access 89 recipes that lighten the load, reboot you, diminish the bloating feeling, then check out my Summer Reboot:

This plan is how I live my life. Thank goodness for having a plan when you are a busy furmom ;).

For more awesome tips from me and a free 1-day mini reboot, sign up for my Free Guide: 5 Simple Steps to Looking & Feeling Fabulous!!



Not Your Jarred Salsa & Guacamole

Avocados are in season and they are so good you’ll want to put them in every dish! Yes they are high in fat but this type of fat is non-saturated, it’s great for your hair, skin, and nails ladies. Meals with healthy fats are more satisfying so eat up!

Both of these recipe take 5 minutes to make so no need to buy the pre-made stuff.

Homemade Guacamole (vegan, gluten free, dairy free)

Not Your Jarred Guacamole


2 ripe avocados

half bunch of cilantro

juice of half lime

sea salt to taste

Cut each avocado in half, then remove pits. Peel off skin, should peel off easily avocados are nice and ripe. Mash up first avocado, then dice up the second one, toss in the same bowl. Take a half bunch of cilantro, rinse well and cut off stems. Roll the leaves up then finely chop. Toss cilantro in bowl with avocado, then add juice of half a fresh lime and a few pinches of sea salt. Toss then taste and season with more salt if needed.


Serve with Organic corn chips or sliced jicama, celery, or cucumber.

Delicious mashed over baked sweet potato with your favorite protein!

Homemade Tomato & Avocado Salsa (vegan, gluten free, dairy free)

Avocado Salsa -picmonket(480x640)


2 ripe avocados

1 pint grape tomatoes or 2 medium tomatoes

half bunch of cilantro

juice of half lime

sea salt to taste

Cut each avocado in half, then remove pits. Peel off skin, should peel off easily when avocados are nice and ripe. Mash up first avocado, then dice up the second one, toss in the same bowl. Cut grape tomatoes in half then half again or roughly chop, no need for perfection here! Take a half bunch of cilantro, rinse well and cut off stems. Roll the leaves up then finely chop. Toss cilantro in bowl with avocado and tomatoes, then add juice of half a fresh lime and a few pinches of sea salt. Toss then season with more salt if needed.


There’s no room for dieting, just clean eating here! Make this great dish for a get together or enjoy with your favorite grilled proteins and veggies! Eating healthy fats and satisfying foods can actually help you meet your weight loss goals and so can your favorite Health Coach! Join me for my upcoming Sensational Summer Reboot for more amazing recipes plus support by yours truly in a special, private Facebook group for my lovely rebooters. Contact me for more info:


Garlicky Kale Chips

Kale chips seem to be everywhere these days. I’ve seen a lot of recipes online and decided to start making them myself. I’m on my third batch of the week, yes they are that good!

These babies come together fairly quickly and go well with grilled fish or your favorite protein.

Krispy and Delish!

Kale is a highly nutritious bitter green vegetable. It’s got Vitamin A, C, K and several essential nutrients. Kale is also a great non-dairy source of Calcium! Bitter greens are beneficial to eat especially in the Spring time when people tend to get congestion and sinus infections. This will help keep your lungs clear so you can breath easier. Keep kale on your menu to help prevent cancer, diabetes, and heart disease!!

Krispy Kale chips (480x640)

Recipe – Makes 2 servings


half bunch of kale (5 stems full of leaves)

1-2 T. olive oil

pinch of sea salt and black pepper

1/8 tsp. garlic powder


1. Preheat oven to 350.

2. Remove kale leaves from stems and wash thoroughly. You can chop or tear leaves off stem.

3. Shake water off as best you can. Place paper towel on baking sheet and put kale on top. Put more paper towels on top of kale and dry kale. Discard wet paper towels.

4. Drizzle olive oil on kale and sprinkle on spices. Using your clean hands, mix the oil and spices evenly until kale is well coated.

5. Bake for 8 minutes, remove from oven, turn over kale leaves and bake another 8-10 minutes.

6. Allow to cool a few minutes then serve.

7. Enjoy!

Yummy meal idea: serve with grilled fish.

Krispy Kale chips2 (480x640)