Hearty Turkey Pasta Sauce

I’m always looking to add greens to meals and adding spinach into pasta sauce is an easy way to bump up the nutritional profile of this dish.

You could be eating in 30 minutes or less. All you need are the 4 ingredients below. Baby spinach, pasta sauce, whole grain (wheat or gluten-free) rotini pasta, and ground turkey. I recommend Plainville Farms ground turkey since they are a certified humanely raised, antibiotic and hormone free company. Read more

Dairy Free Gluten Free Pizza Night

I’ve had dairy free gluten free pizza at Mellow Mushroom before and it’s very good! However, I wanted to make some at home on a weeknight.

My star ingredients were Sami’s Bakery Millet & Flax Lavash purchased from Woolbright Farmer’s Market. Woolbright Farmer’s Market is a great place for fresh produce, much of it local and organic, along with great local food products, like honey, breads, and the like. Read more

Wacky Birthday Cake

For my birthday, I wanted the perfect cake, but not just any cake. This one had to be both gluten free and dairy free to suite my dietary needs. Most restaurants don’t serve gluten free and dairy free desserts, sometimes they offer desserts that are one or the other, not both. This cake recipe came from and it’s called, ‘wacky cake’. The way you make it is wacky because you combine all the ingredients into your baking pan, no separate bowls required. Less dirty dishes to wash, how wacky is that?! Read more