Top 3 Reasons To Crack Open A Coconut offered to share a guest post with me about coconuts. You may have heard a lot about coconuts in the news lately. Katie from Vitacost gives you 3 reasons to give coconut oil a try. Thanks Katie!!

If you have tried coconut oil, what are your favorite ways to enjoy them?

By: +Katie Kaleita, writer for

More and more, people are going coo-coo for coconuts – and not because they had one too many piña coladas. Coconuts are breaking out of their shells and into the spotlight for their array of health benefits. You have probably used coconut flakes in desserts or coconut milk in curry dishes. And maybe you lathered your skin in coconut-scented tanning oil, trying to achieve that “I-live-on-an-island” look. But what do you know about pure coconut oil?

Coconut oil is extracted from the flesh, or meat, of the coconut. Depending on the oil’s end-use, coconut oil can be extracted through various methods. One important thing to note: coconut oil is naturally rich with antioxidants and fatty acids. In many cultures, coconut oil has long been used in recipes, hair care concoctions and natural medicines. Luckily, word is spreading that coconut oil is truly all that it’s cracked open to be. Here are the top three ways to benefit from this island staple:

1. Balanced eating – Coconut oil is rich in medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs); whereas, other triglycerides contain long-chain fatty acids that your body stores as fat. Coconut oil’s MCTs make it a comparable substitute for butter or vegetable oil. Try baking with coconut oil for a healthier sweet treat, or add it to your post-workout smoothie to give your muscles the nutrients they need.

2. Skin health – Coconut oil’s antioxidants make it a natural skin-nourishing moisturizer. Adding virgin coconut oil to your daily beauty regimen may help your skin maintain its supple, youthful quality. Transport yourself to a spa everyday by whipping up an all-natural moisturizing mask with coconut oil, melted beeswax and water.

3. Hair care – The protein and nutrients of coconut oil’s fatty acids help protect hair from damaging free radicals. Pure coconut oil can be massaged directly onto your scalp and through hair for regular conditioning and salon-style strands.

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