Health Coaching Tips 101: Understand Cravings

No one is immune to cravings, myself included. It’s often a way of our bodies trying tell us something. All we have to do is listen and interpret. Read on for tips to deconstruct those cravings.

If you are craving sugar…

Your body needs more energy. Maybe you are tired and didn’t get enough sleep or you are feeling stressed out and that is exhausting your adrenal system or you have eaten too much sugar and now crashing. Sugar cravings mean that your body needs energy so give it high quality fuel like raw fruits and veggies or high quality protein. Do your best to get a good night’s sleep by unplugging 1 hour before bedtime. Taking breaks during the day can also give your mind a break and restore energy during a crazy busy day.

If you are craving red meat…

Your body may need more iron or more protein in general. No grass-fed burger stand in sight? You can get iron from pumpkin seeds, beans/lentils, hummus (from the chickpeas and tahini), nuts/seeds, and leafy greens.

If you are craving coffee…

You have a habit of drinking coffee and your body is asking for more to give your body and energy boost. Better to give it some green tea loaded with anti-oxidants and much easier on your adrenal system. Eating more raw fruits and vegetables will give your body more sustained energy than caffeine or sugar.

If you are cravings fats…

When we crave fats our bodies often are in need of comfort foods like peanut butter and ice cream. This can be caused by anxiety or stress.

Sometimes we crave fats when our bodies really need high quality carbohydrates like sweet potato, oatmeal, quinoa, or rice. This can happen if you are eating a paleo diet trying to avoid grains so your body will crave fats for energy.

Fat is of course a vital macronutrient, but too much fat can burden your gall bladder and liver which have the job of breaking down fats plus contribute to weight gain. Aim for moderate amounts of all basic macronutrients {fat, protein, and carbohydrates} from real whole foods.

Cravings for crunchy foods…

You may be feeling anger or frustration so crunchy foods will allow you to vigorously chew and that can be satisfying when feeling those type of emotions. You can chew on carrots or celery for crunch instead of chips and crackers.

Better yet, take the time to address your anger and frustration, whether you write everything down in a journal or talk it out with a trusted person. This is a much better step for your health and well-being.


Cravings can be either from lack of proper nutrients or due to stress, anxiety or lack of sleep. When a craving hits, take a moment to determine your physiological or emotional needs, then address accordingly.

Taking great care of your body and mind will allow you to feel your absolute best!



Tamari Maple Salmon

Salmon is a great fish to thrown on the grill or you can simply broil in your oven or sear on a skillet. It won’t fall apart like more delicate fish.

Tamari (soy sauce without the wheat) always pairs well with salmon. I like to add a touch of sweetness to and I did so by adding real maple syrup.

While you’re grilling the salmon, throw some sweet local corn on there as well. I get mine from Bedner’s Farm on 441 (that’s where the spinach and strawberries came from too!). Check out your local farm for fresh veggies and grill them up with a good piece of fish.

Tamari Maple Salmon

Tamari Maple Salmon


    For the salmon:
  • 1 # salmon filet
  • 1/4 cup tamari (this is gluten free soy sauce)
  • 2 Tablespoons organic pure maple syrup
  • fresh ground black pepper, to taste
  • For the corn:
  • 2 ears of corn on the cob (look for non-GMO corn)
  • juice of half lime
  • 1 Tablespoon chili powder


    Method for Salmon:
  1. Measure tamari and maple syrup, then pour into small glass pan to marinade salmon. Top with fresh ground black pepper.
  2. Place salmon filet, flesh side down into marinade. Allow to soak for 20 minutes to 2 hours.
  3. Grill salmon skin side down on grill for 12-15 minutes until flakes easily with a fork.
  4. Method for Corn:
  5. Peel back corn husk, but keep attached to corn, you can tie it with butcher’s thread. Remove corn husk silk.
  6. Soak corn for 20 minutes in bath of water with 1/2 cup vinegar to clean. Remove then rinse thoroughly.
  7. Roll corn in chili powder then squeeze lime juice over it.
  8. Grill about 12 minutes or until done.

What is your favorite meal cooked on the grill?

Healthy Eating During the Holidays

You may be on the go quite a bit this holiday season, tons to do at work, shorter daylight hours may make the days seem shorter (I know that’s true for me). Maybe you’re seeing more treats around the office every week plus all those fancy pumpkin and peppermint fancy (read: high calorie bomb) lattes can be fun sometimes but adding as a staple to your daily eating can result in tighter pants, more blemishes on skin, crankier moods, headaches, and lower quality sleep. Totally not worth it after all right?

So, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite eats lately. Winter time makes me crave comfort foods like no other time of the year. These eats are nutrient dense, easy to make, and taste great (i.e. craveable).

#1 Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Recipe: Wash sweet potato then cut in half then slice length wise using a really sharp knife (careful not to cut your fingers). Toss with coconut oil, sea salt, and cinnamon. Bake at 425 for 20-25 minutes. Store leftovers in fridge, they taste great chilled too.

sweet potato fries (640x480)

#2 Green Drink

I love a green juice or smoothie. This one I’m calling green drink because it’s something to have in place of water or tea, not a meal replacement or snack.

Recipe: 1 cup water, 2 cups greens (spinach, leaf lettuce, swiss chard), 1/2 cup frozen mango. Blend until smooth, then sip your way to gorgeous skin and more energy.

smoothie mango spinach (480x640)

#3 Apple slices with avocado

I love apples. I love avocado. Just last week I decided to enjoy them together, wow what a treat! Crunchy and creamy together, heavenly.

Recipe: Slice up an apple, cut avocado in half. Scoop out avocado with apple slices.

apple avocado (480x640)

#4 Millet toast with avocado and apple

I had to take my avocado and apple creation to the next level with some delicious millet toast. I only find this at Whole Foods (in the freezer section), it’s called Millet Special made by Deland Bakery It’s the best gluten free bread in my opinion, few ingredients and yeast free.

milletbread apple avocado (480x640)

What are your favorite eats this time of year? Please share in the comments below, I’d love to know.

To your healthy eating,


Skip Spooky GMO Candy: Healthy Halloween Treats and Candy Alternatives

Halloween is just a few weeks away! This was one of my favorite holidays all year as a kid. I loved going out to trick-or-treat every single year (even as a high school senior – yes I’m that cool!). Now as a homeowner, we get to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids. I love answering the door to say hello and see their costumes and give them a yummy treat. I wouldn’t call candy healthy but it’s a time honored tradition and just so much fun. What spooks me now is that so much of the candy we grew up eating is full of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).
Why skip GMOs?
GMOs are bad for the planet and your body, here’s why:

  • GMO foods are bred for herbicide tolerance (they kill weeds and bugs) – this has resulted in superweeds and superbugs (Yikes!)
  • GMOs kill bees which are needed to pollinate the fruits and veggies that grow on farms
  • Increased allergies in people
  • Antibiotic resistant bacteria that requires stronger antibiotics to clear up
  • Over 60 countries ban GMOs and/or require labeling, sadly not the US
  • GMOs have not been fully studied, why eat something we know could harm us but we don’t know exactly how

healthy trick or treats (640x480)

GMO filled candy: Hershey’s, M&Ms, Mars, Milky Way, Snickers. Most of the popular brands we all know and love are full of GMOs. Boohoo, but there’s a better way!

Now here’s a list of non-GMO candy: Endangered Species Chocolate, Unreal brand candies (they have snickers, M&Ms, reese’s cup type candies only made with real ingredients), Annie’s brands, Yummy Earth Organic Candy.

For non-GMO candy and other foods, check out this website from non-GMO Verified Project:

Avoid spooky GMOs in your Halloween candy. Last year I bought Annie’s Homegrown Bunny Grahams so cute and wonderful. Mix with dried fruit and nuts for a healthy snack. And Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops.
Skip candy altogether and handout these fun items:

  1. Stickers or temporary tattoos
  2. Halloween prizes from Michaels, Dollar Tree, Target
  3. Fruit leather
  4. Whole fruits such as apples or mini tangerines
  5. Mini notepads or pencils
  6. Magnets
  7. Mini apple juice boxes

A Healthy Attitude, Positive Outlook on Life, and Clean Living

If you need support in keeping your hands out of the candy bowl or nervous about the upcoming holiday season in handling stress and overeating junk. Contact me today to get the support you need. I coach over the phone, in person, even via e-mail for the super busy person.
E-mail or call: or 561.267.5369

Up Your Healthy Eating Game with Yummy Good Eats!

I am so proud to share with you my very first e-cookbook!!
Are you looking for some new and yummy recipes to try?
Let me show you how eating healthy can be so yummy and satisfying!!
Check out the details here:

I created this e-cookbook as a collection of my personal book of go-to recipes. I know they are quick, easy, and healthy. Heman enjoys them too and he’s mister picky.
I can use this book to prep for parties, make easy weeknight dinner and healthy desserts. All at my fingers tips. I printed this out and it’s in my kitchen but I can also pull it up easily on my computer or phone. I’m loving this new e-cookbook and I know you will too. XOXO, Pam

How My Dog Cooled Off in This Summer Heat!

calioutside (495x640)

This is my dog Cali, if you follow me on Facebook, you’ll see that I capture photos of her often. What can I say, she’s my baby girl. So cute and friendly!

This weekend she woke me up at 6am, my furry alarm clock :)

Being a busy working women, wife, and furmom, I’m often on the go. The other day, I had to drop Cali off at the vet for a checkup and I brought a healthy smoothie with me. Nothing complicated and I even made it the night before. Remember being busy means you have to take time to pre-prep your food.

My tips for pre-prepping food are:

  • Make your Smoothie the night before (like I did when I had to take Cali to the vet)
  • Make fresh Salads and put them in BPA free or glass Pyrex containers in the fridge so when preparing your lunch the next day – it will only take 5 minutes
  • Pre-make your protein on Sunday (animal or non-animal based meals such as chicken, beef, fish, a bean stew or a nice tofu or tempeh dish)
  • Make sure you have prepared your snacks for the week. Having snacks ready to go and keeping them in your car, in your bag or at works will keep you from eating junk.

Snacking can be delicious and it does not have to cost $4.00. Do you ever notice that every bar at Whole Foods (healthy or not healthy costs about $4.00)?

When I’m out and about for hours on end, I like to bring a snack. Instead of grabbing a Larabar or Think Thin bar, I have my trusty protein balls on hand. These babies are handy to stash in my purse and give me extra energy when I’m on the go. They are nut free, since as you know, I don’t tolerate nuts very well. I’m a sensitive foodie!

So here’s my secret weapon when I’m out and about and need some delicious fuel.

Berries and Protein Balls - picmonkey


¾ cup pumpkin seeds

2 Tablespoon flax meal or ground chia seeds

2 Tablespoons coconut oil

2 Tablespoon raw honey

2 Tablespoons dried goji berries

¼ cup coconut flakes, optional

Combine all ingredients (except for coconut flakes) in a food processor. Use a tablespoon to scoop out batter then form into balls, you can use 2 tablespoons if you like and form balls about the size of a golf ball. Tip: wet hands with water then press balls and roll to form in a ball so they stay together. Optionally, roll each ball in the coconut flakes until coated and refrigerate until chilled.

Enjoy on the go or with a bowl of fresh berries to supercharge your day!

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This plan is how I live my life. Thank goodness for having a plan when you are a busy furmom ;).

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