New 28-Day Program: Partnering with SloBody

Mark your calendar for Saturday, June 7! SloBody is celebrating their 1st Anniversary in their beautiful space in Delray Beach with a huge event! I wrote about them last year when they first opened up.

The day starts with free yoga from 9:45 – 10:45 AM, call to reserve a spot: 561-400-0608.

After a great yoga session, stick around for the party for food, fun, and raffle prizes! Sample delicious and yummy clean eats provided by yours truly of Total Health Counseling, The Olive Taste of Delray, and Fit Food Express of Delray.

Food samples will be straight from the recipe guide in my 28-day program. There will also be samples from Lori of The Olive Taste – she has amazing gourmet vinegar’s which will be available at the fruit sundae bar. Olive Taste also has high quality olive oils loaded with healthy fats that your body needs to absorb nutrients, vital for healthy organs and to give you glowing skin and silky hair. You’ll want to use Lori’s olive oil for many of the dips and dressings in my 28-day program to make them extra delicious and gourmet. Dean from Fit Food Express will also have delicious fresh juice and food samples. Fit Food is right around the corner from SloBody so you can zip over after a great SloBody workout if you’re short on time. Dean offers high quality healthy foods on the quick.

You will also learn about my new partnership with SloBody to bring you a whole new experience of exercise and clean eating. I have created a new 28-day Clean Eating Program to work alongside their new program SloBody Kick Start. Janine and Kirk are the exercise experts and I am the clean eating expert!

I will show you how clean eating can improve your health with weekly eating plans for 28 days.

You’ll get:

· A full guide explaining the entire program

· how to successfully transition to clean eating

· plus tips on self-care for reducing stress

· Full recipe guide with 66 recipes!! Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and dessert.

· Weekly menus and shopping lists

· Plus a food diary to track your eating and how you are feeling

Additional handouts:

· Eating out 101, tips for keeping it clean when dining out

· Staging your kitchen for success

· Carb Tolerance on choosing the best carbs to eat

· Plus juicing recipes for those who like to make juice

My new 28-Day Clean Eating program is loaded with all delicious and healthy meals you can make each week. Everything is made from fresh and simple ingredients. Easy to make and keeps well in your fridge for a couple days. So you can cook once and eat several times. This program is customizable, you can add your choice of protein if you are vegetarian or eat meat. I make recommendations for both in the program guide. Everything is very flexible.

We are also super excited to open up a special Facebook group just for you to be able to ask questions and get support in a private group setting. I’m also giving each participant a free 30-min power session over the phone with me for 1:1 support anytime during the 28-day program. You will also get weekly check in e-mails delivered right to your inbox.

My practice, as a Health Coach and in life is based upon the idea that there is no one way of eating for everyone – we are all individuals. I grew up eating based on the food pyramid, like most people, but it didn’t work for me. I never felt that great, but after changing my diet, based on the foods that worked for my body – everything changed. I learned more about this way of eating in my education at Integrative Nutrition. And many of my clients have benefited from eating based on their own bio-individual needs.

Another important aspect to overall health is the concept of Primary Foods, which describes everything around food that affects our well-being including exercise, career, creativity, spirituality and relationships. Encompassing healthy foods and healthy lifestyle changes is a whole person approach to a healthy and balanced life. In my own life having a family, busy life, high stress corporate career, and my own business – clean eating is crucial for me on a daily basis to not only get through my day but feel great in the process.

For more info about the event please call: 561.400.0608 or check out

Hope to see you there!


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