Health Coaching Tips 101: Understand Cravings

No one is immune to cravings, myself included. It’s often a way of our bodies trying tell us something. All we have to do is listen and interpret. Read on for tips to deconstruct those cravings.

If you are craving sugar…

Your body needs more energy. Maybe you are tired and didn’t get enough sleep or you are feeling stressed out and that is exhausting your adrenal system or you have eaten too much sugar and now crashing. Sugar cravings mean that your body needs energy so give it high quality fuel like raw fruits and veggies or high quality protein. Do your best to get a good night’s sleep by unplugging 1 hour before bedtime. Taking breaks during the day can also give your mind a break and restore energy during a crazy busy day.

If you are craving red meat…

Your body may need more iron or more protein in general. No grass-fed burger stand in sight? You can get iron from pumpkin seeds, beans/lentils, hummus (from the chickpeas and tahini), nuts/seeds, and leafy greens.

If you are craving coffee…

You have a habit of drinking coffee and your body is asking for more to give your body and energy boost. Better to give it some green tea loaded with anti-oxidants and much easier on your adrenal system. Eating more raw fruits and vegetables will give your body more sustained energy than caffeine or sugar.

If you are cravings fats…

When we crave fats our bodies often are in need of comfort foods like peanut butter and ice cream. This can be caused by anxiety or stress.

Sometimes we crave fats when our bodies really need high quality carbohydrates like sweet potato, oatmeal, quinoa, or rice. This can happen if you are eating a paleo diet trying to avoid grains so your body will crave fats for energy.

Fat is of course a vital macronutrient, but too much fat can burden your gall bladder and liver which have the job of breaking down fats plus contribute to weight gain. Aim for moderate amounts of all basic macronutrients {fat, protein, and carbohydrates} from real whole foods.

Cravings for crunchy foods…

You may be feeling anger or frustration so crunchy foods will allow you to vigorously chew and that can be satisfying when feeling those type of emotions. You can chew on carrots or celery for crunch instead of chips and crackers.

Better yet, take the time to address your anger and frustration, whether you write everything down in a journal or talk it out with a trusted person. This is a much better step for your health and well-being.


Cravings can be either from lack of proper nutrients or due to stress, anxiety or lack of sleep. When a craving hits, take a moment to determine your physiological or emotional needs, then address accordingly.

Taking great care of your body and mind will allow you to feel your absolute best!



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