Eating Clean During the Holidays

Great tips from my guest post writer Stu Lieberman on how to keep clean eating in your life even during the holidays. Is it possible! Here are some proven strategies to try this year. Thanks for the great info Stu!


If you’re eating a clean diet, the holidays can be a challenging time. The endless parties and family gatherings can make it difficult to follow the healthy habits you’ve been dedicated to all year. Here are some tips to help you keep on track and eating clean during the holiday season:

1. Don’t skip breakfast. Eating breakfast is one of the principles of eating clean. And if you’re on the go like many of us during these busy months, breakfast might be the only meal you eat at home, where you have complete control of what is served. Enjoy a clean, filling breakfast with protein and complex carbohydrates to keep you satisfied.

2. Focus on raw vegetables at parties. There’s a vegetable platter at nearly every holiday gathering. It is your friend. Go there and load up with as many raw vegetables that will fit on your plate. Just remember to skip the creamy, often high-fat dips and dressings. Instead, focus on lighter options like a spritz of lemon juice or a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

3. Volunteer to bring your own dish. Potlucks can be a crapshoot. You just never know what’s going to be available. But if you make your own main course or side dish, you can guarantee that a there’s a healthy, clean option for you to eat.

4. Make clean substitutions. Choosing unrefined over refined foods is a principle of clean eating. So, if you’re preparing a holiday dinner, swap out the white rice for brown or wild rice in your stuffing. If using cubes of bread, select a whole grain variety instead of white. And if you need a sweetener, consider honey or maple syrup instead of refined white sugar.

5. Watch your portions. When eating clean it is suggested that you control your portions and eat five to six small meals a day. But during the holidays, when food seems to be served 24/7, following that routine may be nearly impossible. To keep your portion size down, opt for a salad plate rather than the larger dinner plates.

6. Don’t drink your calories. The beverage of choice in clean eating is water. And, it’s recommended that you drink about thirteen 8-ounce glasses a day. Remember that wine and liquor can quickly add calories. So if you’re really craving a bit of alcohol, consider a wine spritzer, with a mixture of wine and club soda instead of a full glass of wine.

7. Get some exercise. With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s important to take time for yourself. Regular physical activity not only provides physical benefits like decreasing fat and building muscle, it also help boost your mood and eases stress. Try to get at least 20 minutes of exercise each day. Grab your sneakers and take a walk around your neighborhood. Or, lace up some skates and hit the local ice rink.

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