Sensational YOU: A Summer Reboot Featured Recipe – Summer Dijon Corn Salad

Have you heard? My Summer Reboot is LIVE and ready for you to begin re-inventing yourself. Ready for you to take advantage of this life changing experience.

Clean Eating with seasonal foods for the summer.

This DIY homestudy with materials delivered right when you buy.

Online support in a private Facebook forum, All.Summer.Long!!!

My personal BONUS to you:

I’ve decided that not only are you getting this program for an incredible deal, I’ll make your life even easier.

Personalized meal planning just for you! The DIY has amazing recipes and comes with a meal plan My clients are asking for more, so you got it.

Custom meal plans included with this low cost DIY homestudy!!

A low investment of $57 for a New You!!

Dijon Corn Salad -picmonkey (480x640)

Summer is here and that means beach time, bikinis, sundresses, flip flops. Will you feel ready to show your skin?

What if you could feel more juicy and alive every day?

Ditch the diets because my Sensational Summer Reboot program is something better!

I used to count calories and worry about every mouthful of food I ate. That is until, I discovered what foods work best for my body. I accessed my blueprint. And now you can too!

Eat delicious food:

  • 89 gourmet recipes that promote weight loss
  • Satisfying recipes
  • Eat well without deprivation

Summer Reboot Recipe:

Dijon Corn Salad with simple homemade dressing

Dijon Corn Salad -picmonkey (480x640)

Now I am bringing this program to you so you can access your blueprint and feel your very best too!!

You and me on this journey together with other women who are ditching diets for good.

My program will give you access to your unique blueprint of health. Discover what foods work best for your unique body.

If you are thinking, well Pam I’ve tried every diet out there and it’s failed. My answer to you, this is not a diet. No counting calories, no weighing your food.

This program will change your relationship with food and yourself forever!

You Will:

  • kiss goodbye cravings and belly bloat
  • feel endless energy
  • learn simple techniques for rebooting your body
  • get a clean eating plan you can use for your lifetime

Join my program now:

Got questions, just e-mail me at I’m happy to address all of your concerns.


Pam Higgins

Certified Health Coach

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