Raising Healthy Kids: Creative Ways to Encourage Physical Fitness

I have a wonderful guest post from Vitacost.com to share with you! These days kids are in the spotlight when it comes to keeping our families healthy and making sure they get enough physical activity. Here are some great tips for you!

By: +Elizabeth Lotts writer for Vitacost.com

When it comes to getting your kids physically fit, think outside of the sandbox. It’s been ingrained in us that our children need to play ball games: football, basketball, baseball, volleyball…These are all great activities for budding jocks, but not everyone’s a sports fan. No sweat. There’s an activity for every personality.

Here is a guide for finding the best fit for keeping your child fit.

1. Does your child like playing music (i.e. beating your pots and pans with kitchen spoons)?

Look into activities that let your child be expressive, such as:

§ Hip-hop dance lessons – it’s like Zumba for kids!

§ Cheerleading/ tumbling/gymnastics – great strength and confidence-builders

2. Does your child have a hard time focusing?

Developing a mind-body-balance can help kids understand how to respect their bodies while cultivating important mental skills, too. They’ll stretch their bodies’ limits with these:

§ Kid yoga – holding each pose takes mental and physical strength

§ Martial arts – very disciplined and requires full attention

3. Do you notice your child holding back in big groups?

Help your little one break out of her shell by finding activities that don’t require teams, like:

§ Kid-tailored triathlon training – extremely rewarding when she realizes she can do not only one sport, but three!

§ Horseback riding – expensive, yes, but the value of learning how to care for an animal will go far, instilling self-confidence, responsibility and independence

4. Is your child very scientific and inquisitive?

Play up their love for discovery with outdoor adventures. Some ideas to consider:

§ Spelunking – a.k.a. cave exploration that can dig up a slew of history lessons

§ Scavenger hunts – create your own clue-driven obstacle course in the backyard or a local park

Some of these activities overlap and can work for several different personalities. The idea is not to limit your kids’ imagination or skill-set. Join in the fun and games to lead by example; you’ll get some exercise, and your kids will benefit from your support. For total health and well-being, let your kids have fun and enjoy whatever activity they choose.

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