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Anyone who knows me knows that I <3 chocolate in a big way! I eat it a couple of times a week, but not just any chocolate will do. I love dark chocolate, milk chocolate doesn’t sit well with my body. Dark chocolate that’s dairy free and 66% or higher. I even love the 90% dark chocolate that’s pretty bitter.

Disclosure of material connection: Vitacost provided me with free samples of these products to review. All opinions expressed here are completely my own.

Vitacost recently introduced their own line of chocolate bars, called Super Cacao, and they set the bar pretty high. These bars start with ultra high quality cacao “handcrafted heirloom Ecuadorian cacao, blended with Madagascar vanilla”, but they don’t stop there. They infuse the bar with botanicals, probiotics, and antioxidants to make it bursting with good for you ingredients. So yes calling it super is pretty accurate!

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I was sent the Mandarin Orange and Lemon Ginger, they have a third variety of Coconut. Both I really loved, the Mandarin Orange reminded me of the chocolate oranges I used to get at Christmas in my stocking as a kid. Vitacost’s bar is much higher quality in flavor and ingredients by leaps and bounds. The Lemon Ginger was surprisingly good as I’ve never tasted lemon in chocolate. I’ve had ginger in chocolate before and this was a pleasant twist with the lemon. Both bars were Love At First Bite, I can’t pick a favorite they are both divinely delicious!

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Thank you Vitacost for letting me try these amazing bars! They will be on my next Vitacost order for sure Smile

So for a special treat, check them out here:


Check out the Vitacost official video:



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