Jump Start Your Health With A Plan and Get the Support You Need

Feeling a bit nervous with the holiday season now upon us?

I wrote some helpful tips and shared them on Vitacost.com in a guest post:


For more support, sign up for a single session jump start session with me. You will get my signature Yummy Good Eats E-cookbook and my 11-Day Signature System loaded with tons of healthy recipes, food diary, clean eating plan, awesome self-care and stress management toolkit. This plan will set you up for success not only during the holiday season, but all year round.


Purchase the 11-Day as a DIY for $25 or get the Guide plus my e-cookbook and single session for $75. You are so worth it and it will make this holiday season easy breezy for you! XOXO

For more information, check out my Work with Me page: http://www.totalhealthcounseling.com/work-with-me/ or contact me directly at: totalhealthcounseling@gmail.com or 561.267.5369.

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  1. Joanne
    Joanne says:

    Interesting tips.
    I’ve got into a rut where my morning and afternoon snack are protein bars. As we all know, most of those are not better than eating a regular candy bar. But I can’t think of
    anything else that appeals to me.
    I would love to find a whole food to satisfy that sugar/sweet craving but doesn’t have too many carbohydrates, which offers a good dose of protein. Any suggestions? … not sure I want to go back to yogurt. It doesn’t seem to fill me up.

    • phiggins
      phiggins says:

      I agree, protein bars can be filled with lots of stuff our bodies don’t need and they are also pretty pricey.
      I like to make my own protein balls. I made one tonight with 2T. hemp seeds, 2T. coconut oil, 2T. protein powder, 1T. pumpkin spice, and 1T. water. Mix well in a bowl then form 4 balls.
      They will be pretty soft but everything should stay together, store them in a glass airtight container and put in the fridge. The coconut oil will solidify when cooler than 78 degrees. Don’t worry, coconut oil helps speed metabolism because it’s a medium chain fatty acid. My detox has a killer superfood protein ball recipe as well. You can also use almond butter with coconut flakes if you like.
      Check this reference for more info on coconut oil: http://www.naturalnews.com/026808_oil_coconut.html


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