Gourmet Artichoke Spread At Local Green Markets

There are so many local green markets popping these days and it’s exciting when you find a vendor that makes amazing food you want to keep going back for every week.

Dani Michaeli, owner of Dani’s Fun Food, always greets you with a smile and offers samples of his delicious creations with homemade pita chips (not gluten free) for dipping. Dani makes the very best in hummus and tapenade olive spreads. My favorite find made fresh daily from Dani is his Artichoke Spread. It’s creamy, yet light at the same time. All organic ingredients and gluten free as well.

Dani Fun Food Booth (480x640)

I’ve enjoyed it spread on top of cooked eggs or with crunchy veggies. It doesn’t last long enough in my house to get more creative than that.

I imagine making it myself would take hours and hours to prep the artichoke and perfect the seasoning then adding in just the right amount of olive oil. I’m gonna leave this one up to Dani and I’ll happily buy this at the green market when I get a chance to stop in.

Artichoke spread made with high quality ingredients. Made fresh daily!! Doesn’t get any better than that.

artichoke (480x640)

Delicious spread on top of eggs for a light brunch on Sundays or easy peasy week night dinner.

artiegg2 (480x640)

Dani’s Fun Food

(561) 889-8073

Owner: Dani Michaeli


Saturdays: Downtown West Palm Beach Green Market; Boynton Beach Green Market

Sundays: West Boca Green Market (Glades and Lyons Rd at Olympia High School), PGA Green Market at the Storage Center on Military Trail

William Sonoma – Boca Town Center Mall for special events!

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