Eating Healthy When You’re Busy

Healthy eating can seem like a big challenge when you are super busy. Check out these practical tips from my friend and guest post contributor, Stu Lieberman. Thanks Stu!

When you’re constantly on the go and mealtimes are a series of take-outs and drive-thru’s, eating healthy can be a challenge. But just because your life is hectic doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your health. Here are some simple steps you can take to eat healthier, even when your life is crazy busy.

1. Eat Breakfast. No, not just coffee. Eat something that will keep you satisfied until lunch so that you don’t run out at noon starving and overeat. A morning meal of eggs and fruit can be a smart choice and quick to prepare. Plus, when you start your morning with a healthy breakfast, you’re more likely to make healthful choices throughout the rest of the day.

2. Pack Your Own Lunch. Packing your lunch does require some planning, but it can pay off big with less calories consumed, and fewer dollars spent. Set aside about 10 minutes on the weekend and pack lunches for the coming week. Sandwiches with lean meat on whole grain bread are quick and easy to prepare. Throw in a fruit and some veggies, and you’ve got a good, balanced, nutritious meal.

3. Cut up Veggies and Fruits and Store in Single-Serving Containers. How often have you purchased some fruit or vegetables at the store, only to have them go bad in your fridge because you never got around to eating them? When healthy food choices are readily available to you, you’re more likely to grab them. So, the next time you go to the grocery store, cut up those fruits and veggies and put them in single-serving containers as soon as you get home. That way when you want a quick snack, a healthy option is right there waiting for you.

4. When Eating Out, View Menus Online and Order First. It’s hard to avoid eating out. When you have plans to visit a restaurant, look at the restaurant’s menu online and select something that is healthy and nutritious. And, when you get to the restaurant, order first so that you aren’t tempted by what your dining companions are ordering.

5. Don’t Drink Your Calories. Calories from beverages, particularly alcohol, can quickly add up. Try to limit alcohol consumption to one or two drinks per week. And, quench your thirst with clean, refreshing, calorie-free water. If plain water bores you, try seltzer water. Mix in some fruit or fruit juice to spice it up a little.

6. Brush Your Teeth After Meals. Brushing will not only help to keep your teeth healthy and your breath fresh. When you’re teeth are newly-brushed, you’re less likely to give into quick temptations that may surround you.

Lack of time doesn’t have to mean unhealthy eating. With a little preparation, and determination, you can make healthy eating work, even with a hectic life.

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