Whole Foods at a Fraction of the Price

I am a huge fan of Vitacost.com and I also love whole foods. Read on for more information on what whole foods you can get from Vitacost with just a few key strokes.

Unless you’re talking price, a fraction of something usually isn’t ideal. What is ideal is paying just a fraction of the price for something complete, fulfilling and wholesome. And what could be more wholesome than whole foods?

Whole foods, a term heard frequently these days, are foods that haven’t been processed and contain no added ingredients—colors, flavors, fillers or preservatives. While certainly better for your health, whole foods can strain your budget, especially when they’re organic.

To better satisfy your body—and your bank account—shop at Vitacost.com for whole foods in nearly every grocery category. Though we don’t carry fresh fruits and vegetables, at Vitacost you’ll find a variety of certified organic, all-natural, preservative-free options.

And while you might normally have to run to one store for organic foods and another for your gluten-free items, at Vitacost, you’ll find it all. The best part of the whole shopping experience? You don’t have to leave home to get what you need. And you won’t be tempted by processed cheese balls—because we don’t carry ‘em.

Click your way to the checkout after browsing these go-to grocery sections:

Produce: Just as you would in the supermarket, head straight to the produce section and fill your cart with good-for-you fruits and veggies—the more colorful the better. Vitacost offers a variety of canned, dried and pureed organic fruits and vegetables. Many of our featured natural brands harvest fruits and vegetables at their prime ripeness, ensuring you get the freshest possible products. And choosing organic means your produce is grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals.

Dairy: In the Vitacost (non-) dairy aisle, you’ll find a variety of natural, plant-based milks, derived from nuts (almonds), rice and coconut. You’ll also find goat’s milk, which is naturally rich in vitamin D and easier for some to digest than cow’s milk.

Meat: While Vitacost doesn’t carry fresh meat, we have a great selection of natural, freshly harvested fish, including tuna, salmon, herring, sardines and anchovies—plus crab meat, oysters and clams. There’s also organic beef and chicken stock for soup and other recipes. You can also fulfill your protein needs with beans (we carry just about every kind, from aduki to soy) and lentils.

Breads, Pasta & Grains: Spaghetti night just got a lot more exciting. At Vitacost.com, you’ll find dozens of healthy pastas, from gluten-free and low-carb to whole wheat and brown rice, which can be enjoyed with homemade garlic bread, prepared from one our healthy bread mixes. Or, choose from whole loaves of bread, rolls, or even English muffins, many of which are gluten free. We also carry organic brown rice, wild rice, couscous and other favorite grains.

Baking: If you’re committed to making your own whole foods from scratch, you can choose from natural flours, plant-derived sweeteners and other baking essentials.

Find your inspiration for wholesome cooking by shopping for whole foods at Vitacost.com.

This article has been provided by the folks at Vitacost.com. Vitacost.com has been selling discount vitamins since 1994. Since then it’s grown into one of the biggest online marketplaces for healthy living essentials-with vitamins and supplements being just one of their many helpful categories! Vitacost.com’s goal is to provide you with the best nutritional supplements, natural foods, sports nutrition and products like green coffee bean extract to help with your health and wellness. Vitacost.com is not affiliated with this blog, and isn’t responsible for content outside of this article.

By: +Elizabeth Lotts writer for Vitacost.com
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