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Vitacost.com contacted me and asked if I would like to review a few products they recently added to their online catalog. I happily accepted and an honored to share with you my review of the products. I will write a few posts to share my reviews, first up – Earnest Eats!

Disclosure of material connection: Vitacost provided me with free samples of these products to review. All opinions expressed here are completely my own.

I received the hot & fit cereal and baked whole food snack bar:

Earnest Eats Cereal (640x480)

Earnest Eats Bar1(640x480)

Earnest Eats makes a variety of hot cereals, bars, and planks (crunchy bars). I’ve been eager to try this brand, it looks so wholesome, like something you would make at home. The Earnest Eats Hot Cereal is perfect for grabbing and taking to the office or even bringing to the airport. All you need to do is add hot water and you’ve got a hot, wholesome meal ready in a few minutes!

Earnest Eat hot & fit ready to eat! Yummy cranberries and pumpkin seeds jazz up standard oats plus added grains amaranth and quinoa thicken it up and boost the nutritional profile. I love my superfood grains amaranth & quinoa!!

Earnest Eats Cereal Prepared (640x480)

I decided to pump up the protein with my favorite pea protein: Plant Fusion. I had just worked out at the gym so I needed some extra protein for muscle recovery. This was a good grain based breakfast, I like the addition of some dried fruit and nuts to give it a pleasing change in consistency. All you do is add hot water to the cup, stir, and let it stand for a few minutes. You can eat it straight from the cup if you desire, so it’s perfect to grab and take to the office or for traveling.

Earnest Eats with Pea Protein(640x480)

Earnest Eats snack bar, this one was dark chocolate espresso. All good things in my book! This bar was dense and moist with a rich chocolate flavor and hint of espresso. A great snack, not too light, it’s got some staying power to it. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend for consumption Smile.

Earnest Eats Bar(640x480)

I hope you check out Earnest Eats for delicious whole food eats!

Thank you again Vitacost.com for the delicious Earnest Eats products to try.

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  1. Joanne
    Joanne says:

    It seems a lot of companies are packaging their hot grain based cereals in those handy cups. They’re so convenient. Great idea on the part of the company to add some “great grains” to the standard oat mix.
    As for the chocolate espresso bar? – how can anything be bad if it has chocolate and coffee in it?! Delish! :)


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