Childhood Nutrition Day 2012

The American Culinary Federation sponsors Childhood Nutrition Day every year on October 16. Since 2005, this event has been held at Meadow Park Elementary School at their after care program. The kids helped decorate the room with Food Truck posters for this year’s theme and even made mini food truck floats and cakes that were displayed on the front stage.

Here’s a clip from this fantastic event:

I had the honor of giving the educational presentation to kick-off the event. I shared with the children the idea of eating high performance foods for brain power, better energy, and healthy immune systems. Afterward, they got to try several different high performance foods from the food truck stations, including: healthy burgers, juices and smoothies, bbq, veggies and mexican, fruit and chocolate, and healthy asian cuisine. Each station had one or two professional chefs and student chefs from ACF who prepared and were sharing the food with the children. A wonderful, educational, and delicious event!

Childhood Nutrition Day 201220121016_145045

fruit smoothie stationAsian station

Asian station2wrap station

student chefs (640x480)Veggie truck

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