Turkey Thighs in the Crockpot

Turkey is not just for Thanksgiving! Try turkey thighs in the crockpot, succulent fall off the bone meat. So good and flavorful. Dark meat is richer tasting than white, but the caloric difference is actually minimal, contrary to popular belief. Comparing ounce per ounce, dark meat has 50 calories and white turkey breast meat contains 46 calories. Dark meat has tons of flavor, it’s quite moist, and it’s higher in B-vitamins, iron, and zinc than white meat.

This week, I put 2 large turkey thighs in the crockpot Tuesday morning, we had dinner for 2 nights with very little effort, now I call that a success!

Tuesday night’s dinner was turkey, baked sweet potato (bake at 400 for 1 hour), sauerkraut, and a green salad on the side.

turkey dinner 8-16-11

Wednesday night’s dinner was leftover turkey, just as moist on day two, served with garlic-lime broccoli, brown rice, all over a fresh green spinach, carrot, and kalamata olive salad.

turkey dinner2



2 turkey thighs

sea salt

coarse ground black pepper


1/2 cup water


1) Pull out your crockpot and place turkey thighs in it, rinse turkey beforehand if you prefer.

2) Sprinkle meat with sea salt, pepper, and paprika to taste.

3) Pour 1/2 cup water into crockpot.

4) Cover and let cook 8-10hrs.

5) Pull meat from crockpot and shred easily.

6) Serve with baked sweet potato, salad, or your favorite greens.

Serves 2 people for 2 dinners.


To make homemade turkey broth:

Add more water to turkey juices in the crockpot then add turkey bones to crockpot and let cook on low for 1-2 hrs. Add seasonings, parsley, chopped celery, carrots if you have on hand.

Remove from crockpot and strain. Season to taste. Now you have homemade turkey broth!