Spring Cleaning

After the long winter, it’s time to open up the windows, let in Spring’s fresh air and clear out excess clutter that has piled up all winter long. We can do this in two ways, both physically and mentally.

Physically, start by cleaning out both “houses”, the home you live in and your body. Your home may have a buildup of old magazines, clothes, or unnecessary odds and ends. Make a date to go room by room clearing out this excess clutter, dust and vacuum as you go to remove pollutants and allergens in the home.

Our bodies can have accumulations of toxins or environmental pollutants and food residues from a period of eating heavier foods and not enough physical activity during the colder months. Begin the process of Spring cleaning your body by crowding out rich, and processed foods. Add in more fresh fruits and vegetables, and be sure to drink plenty of fresh filtered water. Brew a kettle of green tea and serve over ice with fresh squeezed lemon or lime for a refreshing and antioxidant packed drink.

Be sure to chew food well to help the body digest and absorb nutrients better. Enhance flavors of fresh produce with mild herbs and spices along with first cold-pressed olive oil or ghee (clarified butter).

Eating seasonally is a good practice as well. Click here to access map. Select month above the map, then click on your state to see a list of what’s in season in your location.

Mentally, clean your mind and heart by clearing out negative thoughts and behaviors. Sit down and think about what thought patterns leave you feeling drained or stuck in a rut. Record the thoughts that make you feel the most stuck. Next to each of those thoughts, write a positive thought to break the negative thought pattern.

Take a look at your relationships and determine those having a toxic effect on your life and take steps to move away from those negative influences. Spend more time with those who are supportive of you and give you positive energy.

Here’s a quick recipe to help you kick start your Spring cleaning. Asparagus is great for Spring cleaning your body as it helps flush out extra fluid and reduces bloating. It’s a prebiotic food that promotes the growth of healthy bacteria your body. Another well known prebiotic in inulin which is typically added to foods like yogurt and granola bars that naturally do not contain prebiotics. Other natural food sources of prebiotics are dandelion greens, garlic, leeks, and onions.

Easy asparagus:

Take a bunch of asparagus and rinse well. Chop off about 1 inch from the bottom. You can also snap off the fibrous ends.

Place asparagus as shown below in a pan and pour about 1 inch of water over the asparagus, so it’s just barely covered.

Cover pan and bring water to a boil. Turn down to a simmer and let asparagus cook for 3-5 minutes.

Remove from heat and drain promptly. Serve immediately. Drizzle with olive oil, sea salt,  and spices.

Chop up leftovers to toss in salads!

easy asparagus