Seize the Moment Self-Care

Friday morning and my BlackBerry pops up with a new e-mail from Balinesian Spa and Wellness Center. They have a special offer to receive a Free Quick Classic Facial when you book a massage at regular price. Checking in with myself and realizing it’s been a while since I’ve had a massage, it was time for some self-care for me! This was the perfect way to take time out for me and rejuvenate at the spa. I had an amazing massage, drank cucumber water to hydrate, then had a glorious facial. I floated out of the spa that evening.

This is a great example of Primary Food and how taking loving care of yourself not only makes you feel really special, but feeds your soul. Take a moment and think about when you last did something special for yourself. It doesn’t have to be a trip to the spa, a hot bubble bath or a book with a relaxing cup of tea can be all you need to allow yourself self-care that will nourish and revitalize your spirit.