Pan-Seared Sea Scallops With Steamed Veggies

My pallet has evolved over the last few years, I now like mushrooms and olives. I became curious about sea scallops recently, convinced I would like them now after having tried them in my childhood and spitting them out into a napkin. I swear I did it as politely as possible! Last weekend, while my friend Tracy was visiting,  we ventured to Bonefish Grill with my husband. Tracy got scallops and shrimp for her entrée and she let me try one. I loved it! Now I was on a mission to trying making them myself.

Pan-seared seemed like the way to go, so I scoured the internet and came to the Simply Recipes website. Elise has such beautiful recipes and clearly written out instructions so I tried her method for pan-seared scallops. The result were perfectly cooked scallops that took very little time. These babies were paired with steamed asparagus and boiled cauliflower that I had made last night. Tonight’s dinner came together in about 10 minutes!

Juicy and seared to perfection!

pan-seared sea scallops

Scallops are not only delicious, they are highly nutritious! Scallops contain B12, magnesium, omega-3s, potassium, and phosphorus. They are protective of your heart health, blood pressure, brain health, and cancer prevention.  Read more from The World’s Healthiest Foods website.