Healthy World Organics Made My Day!!

I came home today to a bounty of fresh organic produce, tea, beans, grains, and sea salt delivered right to my door from local company, Healthy World Organics. I am a huge fan of organic produce and having it delivered right to my door with a nominal delivery fee – does it really get any better? I prefer the Healthy Custom Bag so I can choose exactly what I want. Other options are the Healthy Individual Bag or the Healthy Family Bag, where you get a variety of fruits and vegetables. You can specify your preferences and dislikes, but you don’t know exactly the contents of your order until you get it. This works well for some people and encourages you to try new things. All options are very flexible! There is an initial membership fee, but you can order as often as you like, no contract or commitment.

Caroline Brito, owner and founder of Healthy World Organics is highly attentive to customers, easy to work with, and receptive of customers requests.

Pictured below are the contents of my delivery: 1 giant kale, Garnett sweet potatoes, purple sweet potatoes (those are in the oven right now!!), carrots and celery for juicing, red grapes, quinoa, dried black and pinto beans, Himalayan sea salt, red rose lose tea, and t-baggies.

HWO Loot

Check out this mammoth sized kale!! It was only $3, the lowest price I have ever seen for fresh Organic kale.

Giant Kale

Healthy World Organics delivers to local South Florida counties: Broward and Palm Beach. Contact Caroline if you want HWO to deliver to your area!

I’m happy to support a local company rather than a chain grocer. Their prices are very competitive and often lower than national retailers.

Support local to benefit your community however you can!

I could not wait to use my fresh Healthy World Organic food. Baked purple sweet potato, kale rubbed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and Himalayan sea salt with grilled Murray’s chicken that was marinated in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, basil, oregano, and thyme.

Simply delicious!

Dinner is served