Get your local produce at Delray Beach Green Market

It was a beautiful morning this past Saturday and the perfect weather to stroll through the open air green market in Delray Beach! There are so many wonderful local vendors selling fresh and delicious fruit, vegetables, eggs, seafood, meats, flowers, pasta/sauces, breads, guacamole, even pet treats!

I’m a sucker for fresh produce so I headed over to Thomas Produce stand first and picked up bananas, cucumbers, Florida navel oranges, and sweet potatoes. Everything was very fresh and I especially liked the cucumbers because they did not have the typical wax coating you see on grocery store cucumbers. I cut those up in spears to use for dipping in hummus. Thomas Produce is located at Glades and 441, how’s that for local!

Next stop was Harvest Time market that was selling lovely strawberries grown locally at their Lake Worth farm. I was excited to see their sign that advertised U-Pick Strawberries, yum! I’ll be making a special trip there during season which is November thru May.

Green Market season across Palm Beach county is October – May. Be sure to visit your local vendors and purchase their special offerings. It’s a great way to meet the people who are providing your local produce and unique foods and crafts. Talk to them and show your appreciation by purchasing their products.