Fresh Florida Figs

Florida figs are now in season! Don’t miss your chance to eat these locally grown, healthy, and delicious treats. If you have a friend with a fig tree, you’re in luck!

Figs are a healthy source of fiber and the important minerals magnesium and  potassium. They also contain vitamin A, C and B Vitamins.

Eating locally when you can is essential. So many of the foods we eat are from far away. Eating locally is healthier for you and your community. Foods with low food miles (the distance they travel to get to you) are more nutritious than foods that have to be packed up, stored, and travel to the final destination. Eating more locals foods helps keep you grounded and can aid in immune system strength.

Florida Figs

Fresh figs ready to eat! Wash gently, twist off stems, then split or cut in half.

Figs ready to eat

Enjoy local figs! What other local foods are you enjoying right now?

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  1. Charles Jackson
    Charles Jackson says:

    Back in the late 40’s I was serving aboard ship in the Navy. Each morning they would have canned figs for breakfast and I grew to love them. I have looked in most stores and can not find canned figs. Is there such a thing on the market. I think the one’s we had in the navy came in gallon cans but I’m sure they must come in smaller amounts. Thanks for your help.

    • phiggins
      phiggins says:

      Fresh figs will be available at the local grocery stores when they are in season or if you meet someone with a fig tree who is willing to share.

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