Fish Oil: How To Choose The Best And Safest

Fish oil is one of those supplements that we constantly hear about. “Get your Omega-3s, take fish oil!”

So you run to the store, where you are faced with a wall of supplements and 20+ options for fish oil. Go online and there are hundreds of choices. So what is the best choice and how do you narrow down the right one for you and stay within your budget?

There are a few key phrases to look for on your bottle of fish oil. Check for the statement, “molecularly distilled”. This is a process by which the oil is spun rapidly to separate toxic metals and other impurities from the fish oil, making it safe for consumption. Some manufacturer’s also state their product is FREE of PCBs and heavy toxic metals.

You can also look for the NSF quality seal on the supplement label. This label means the product was tested and is clear of heavy metals, which include, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury. NSF created an independent testing standard and product certification program for dietary supplements. Choosing products with this seal will ensure the product meets high industry standards to protect your safety. This is a voluntary program, so not all products will have this particular label, this just provides you with one more way to achieve peace of mind.


You want your fish oil to contain at least 1000mg of combined EPA and DHA. Check the label for other ingredients and review the fish oil source, such as anchovy, mackerel, sardine, or salmon. Avoid products that contain titanium dioxide, this goes for any dietary supplement. Scan label to ensure you are not sensitive to other ingredients, such as soy, wheat, or nuts.

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    Lisa Kaminski says:

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