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Review: Healthy and Incredible Eats At Green Bar & Kitchen

I recently went to Green Bar & Kitchen for the first time to meet up with a group of health coaches who also attended Integrative Nutrition. We enjoyed some amazing eats and discussed positive ways to help others through clean eating and healthy living.

Here we are with GBK co-owner and fellow health coach, Elena Pezzo. Feeling happy and healthy after eating delicious and healthy food.

health coach lunch at green bar and kitchen (640x480)

Photo courtesy of Jackie Jacobs [click to continue…]

What is Lurking in Your Sweet Drinks?

My husband came home last night from work with these in hand. Arizona Southern Style Sweet Tea and Yellow Gatorade. I asked, so what’s this? He should know better. Leftovers from a lunch at work. I snapped photos then dumped the contents.

Here’s why… [click to continue…]

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cups {dairy free}

DSC_0155 (640x425)

Anyone who knows me is aware of my love for chocolate, but I only go for dark chocolate since I don’t eat dairy (hello food allergies). Make these babies yourself and you’ll never need to buy chocolate again! Adjust the sweetness to your taste buds by adding more honey, if desired. Slippery elm tea powder is used with honey and doTERRA peppermint essential oils (I’m now a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA, e-mail me for details and I’ll tell  you why I have fallen in love with them!) to make a delicious filling that is also good for your belly. [click to continue…]